The Witch’s Parlour

Welcome to my Parlour.

The candles light the room gently, the scent of jasmine oil fills the air. You can sit in the comfortable chair in front of me and relax. One of my three cats will blink at you from her royal bed.
You can hear the song of the wind chimes while you take a sip of tea and let the stripes of the dark red and gold walls bring you to a time long gone (or still present, in each of us, when we are really silent?)…

You ask the question.

The sound of the cards shuffling and the wind chimes bring you to another place, where you can almost hear the cards whispering to guide you, together with the wind.
The cards know the past, the present, the future. They are a mysterious force, or a myriad of them. The more silent we can get, the better can we hear them.

A warm current flows through our hands.

And they are ready to speak.

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