About me

I was born in Croatia, a land where Gypsy magic coexists with Catholicism, where jinxes are still a common problem among families, where fairies still dance in forests, and where the first vampire was ever mentioned in historical records.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was enchanted by other worlds, and my journey in magic and the occult started when, at the age of 8, I found a mysterious little book in my mailbox. It was a book about numbers, stones, angels and demons. Who put it there? I don’t know, but it was signed by the Mysterious Lady.

Many years had to pass, on and off the path, until I discovered that I had a talent for fortune-telling: it was at a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in my hometown in 2008, when I set up a palm-reading booth, and what was supposed to be just a fun attraction, turned out to be intuitive and true for quite a number of convention visitors that approached me.

Even though my academic side was always drawn to languages, I completed my Master’s degree in Public Health, following my studies in Psychotherapy. I am now a fourth year student in Psychotherapy and a certified Aspectics and DP4 Processor in Spiritual Technology, created by Psychologist and occultist, Mr Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski.

Working with clients is very important to me, because I care deeply about them and their obstacles and problems in this crazy game of life. I find Psychotherapy and Spiritual Technology very valuable in solving different problems, emotions and states of mind. I enjoy seeing my clients change in the process toward their goals and experience lighter, more serene feelings in just an hour of our time together. I feel that they help me become a better person as well, because each session changes me just like it changes them, as we are letting go of painful burdens and dreaming wonderful realities into action.