I feel like my past is holding me back. I feel like my goals are out of reach. I am too afraid of what people will say about me if I pursue my dreams. I am heartbroken.

Rather than influencing someone else’s mind, or hoping for the Universe to intervene, the techniques of Spiritual Technology, crafted by Mr Zivorad Slavinski, a Serbian psychologist and occultist, focus on neutralizing the emotional “charge” that exists in our consciousness and in our bodies as a result of a negative experience, or of a feeling of fear, sadness, rejection… as well as balancing the euphoria that accompanies a positive thought or memory, to create a higher balance that can lead to the easier achieving of goals of or bringing the desired reality into the present moment.

I am a certified Aspectics and DP4 Processor, as well as a fourth year Psychotherapy student. I am still not licensed to work as a Psychotherapist, but I like to intertwine the knowledge, ethics and gentleness of my school with the more “clean-cut” methods of Spiritual Technology.

Aspectics is a technique that focuses on neutralizing negative emotions by letting them communicate their goals to us and eventually achieving the state of “emptiness”, called Pleroma state in Gnosticism and mentioned by Carl Jung.

What can you expect from Aspectics?

  • You’ll understand and eliminate negative feelings and emotions, and experience a deep state of peacefulness
  • You’ll be able to choose to feel and react differently in situations that otherwise make you feel stressed out, angry or sad
  • You’ll have the option to let go of old emotions that are keeping you in a situation that you don’t want to belong to any more.

By changing your state of mind and letting go of the “emotional charge”, you can create a new, desired reality for yourself.

DP4 is a process that neutralizes the positive and negative polarities of an idea, situation or goal, eliminating the charge that keeps the desired realities out of our reach.

What can you expect from DP4?

  • Negative and unwanted projections you’re creating stop overpowering you
  • You create your goals and experience them in the present, bringing them closer to realization
  • You can create identities that you wish for yourself (to become a confident person, a happy person, a determined person…)

Both Aspectics and DP4 are quick methods and you can see and feel the results even after one process, that can last from 15 minutes to half an hour.

I am here to help: to help you feel like you want to feel, to help you dream your dreams into being, and to help you experience a clearer, happier and more peaceful state of mind.

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