Tarot Readings

The Tarot uncovers the truth & reveals the future

How does he feel about me? Should I sell my house in the following year, because I can smell something fishy…? I can’t decide between this job offer and the one in another city.

Are there moments in your life when you feel you can’t see clearly? Or when you just can’t make a decision? Maybe you don’t like the surprises that the future brings, and would like to know what lies ahead of you…

The Tarot, with its ancient, yet incredibly accurate wisdom, can give you advice beyond the ponderings of reason. It can keep you from making smaller or bigger mistakes, and you can expect to feel empowered and ready to face the upcoming situations.

You can choose between two options:

“One question” e-mail reading

What do I get?

Submit your question through a form, and I will answer with a full reading and description to your e-mail.

Why is it convenient?

Because you can read it over and over, and you don’t have to wait for an appointment.

1 hour live reading session

What do I get?

You can book an hour long reading with me on Skype. You can ask as many questions as you want during the hour.

Why is it convenient?

You can choose the time that suits you for an hour long parlour session, with candles and a crystal ball in sight, while experiencing an old-fashioned, yet accurate, warm, and entertaining reading.

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